Yoga Poses That Help You Have Better Orgasms

Let’s check which are the best yoga poses to have better orgasms

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We all want to know which are the best yoga poses to have better orgasms. This is why we have researched which are the most common ones if you want to improve your orgasms. Although there might not be a perfect relation between yoga poses and sex, we will share with you some of the poses experts believe could help to improve our orgasms. 

It is clear that women have more trouble than men trying to reach an orgasm. Men are able to do so easily and usually faster. The word usually is very important here (this does not apply to everyone). However, women need more stimulation, the right person and perhaps even some dirty games. In some cases, yoga poses could be very useful to improve these orgasms. Let’s see what experts say about that. 

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a “discipline” that focuses on bringing harmony to the person that practices it. The goal is to bring harmony between both mind and body through different techniques and poses that we will discuss in the next sections. 

Usually, slow movements and deep breathing could help our bodies feel better. This happens because our muscles relax and we increase our blood flow throughout our bodies. There are many benefits of practising yoga, including a better mood, healthier life and reducing stress, among other things. 

Yoga Poses to Have Better Orgasms

We want to focus on different yoga positions that could help us improve our orgasms. And as we mentioned before, due to the increased blood flooding on our bodies, we could have a better sexual life. 

Let’s start with some of the most popular yoga poses that could help us improve our orgasms.


This is the first pose that we will discuss in this pose. It is perhaps one of the most popular poses for those of us that never heard of yoga before. It helps achieve stronger orgasms and to increase our interest in having sexual relations. This position makes it possible for our genital area to receive larger blood irrigation. 

This is very positive not only to increase our libido but also to increase our capabilities of having better orgasms. If you want to have better sex, this might be the position you want to try practising before. 


Let’s continue with the Parsvakonasana position, which is also known as the “warrior” position. This position would help us increase our pelvic muscles and balance our sex hormones. If we want to achieve better performance in bed, then this position and Dhanurasana would be certainly helpful. 

However, you should know that this is not 100% sure. There are many other things that impact our libido and our capabilities on having good orgasms. This position could also be very positive for us to have better control over our orgasms. 

Virabhadrasana 2

This position is known as the second warrior pose that helps us increase our flexibility. This yoga pose is very good to improve our flexibility and our body posture. This would then result in better and eventually stronger orgasms if this is what we want to achieve. 

There are also other warrior positions that could help us increase our libido and have better sex. Thus, it is highly possible that we could improve our sexual life by using these positions. They have a strong impact on our pelvic muscles. 

Cat/Cow Flow

Following and trying this position could also be positive if you want to have better orgasms. This yoga pose lets us strengthen our muscles that usually contract during orgasms. This is why this yoga pose could help us improve our orgasms over time. 

You should repeat this pose several times if you want to achieve the expected results. But as we mentioned, better orgasms do not only depend on our yoga poses but also on different aspects of our life. Thus, having a generally healthy lifestyle could be very positive for us. 


There are some yoga poses that could help us have better orgasms. However, there is nothing written about it. Most of the times, you would have to improve your lifestyle if you want to achieve better orgasms when having sex. Yoga is just one of the different tools we have to feel better, but it is not the only one. Eating better and reducing our stress is also very important.

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