What is a Unisex Condom?

A new unisex condom has been created and it could help you improve your sexual life

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.What is a unisex condom? Do they even exist? Well, the world’s first unisex condom has been created. The positive thing about it is that it can be used by both men and women. Hence, it becomes very handy when you go out on a date or if you want to go to bed with someone. 

A group of gynaecologists led by John Tang Ing Chinh created the world’s first unisex condom. This new condom is expected to be tested and released to the market in the future. It must pass all the checks and market controls. 

The new condom is now passing different tests and clinical trials in order to prove its efficiency. With this new invention, people from all around the world will have a new option to get protected when having sex. 

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What is a Unisex Condom?

Men and women would now be able to rely on a new unisex condom that is expected to improve their sexual life. Rather than purchasing a specific condom for each of the sexes, it is now possible to use a single condom. The creator of this new invention, John Tang Ing Chinh believes that this would be a great possibility to empower both men and women. 

No matter the gender or sexuality of the person, this new condom is expected to help the sexual life of millions of individuals. It would help both men and women alike without having to be worried about the type of condom they are buying. 

As per the experts, this is a regular condom that includes an adhesive covering that attaches to the vagina or the penis. Moreover, the condom gets also pasted to other areas in order to give extra protection to users. At the moment, each of these boxes costs close to £2.62 with 2 unisex condoms. Another positive thing related to this new invention is the fact that the material is flexible, transparent and waterproof.

Clinical Research and Testing

The expert claims that the new unisex condom has been tested and passed several rounds of clinical research and testing. This is very important before being able to release this to the market. At the moment is not yet available for people to buy it. However, it is expected to go for sale as soon as in December. 

Moreover, the gynaecologist says that as soon as you put it on, you do not even feel that it is there. This shows how ergonomic it is and how easy is to use it. As it is expected to be released by Christmas, it could be used as a nice and unique gift. 

He is quite optimistic. This could become one of the most used contraceptive methods in the future. 

“I am quite optimistic that given time it will be a meaningful addition to the many contraceptive methods used.”

Let’s not forget that condoms are very important as they work as a contraceptive method to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted illnesses. There is a large variety of condoms nowadays. That means that it is possible to add this one to the already large list of condoms. 

Unisex condoms could become a natural thing in the coming years if this new invention proves to be useful. After passing all clinical trials and checks, it should be available for individuals in larger markets. The goal is not to replace traditional condoms but to add an additional option for people to select from. 

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