This is the New Trend for Singles You Should Pay Attention To

There is a new trend that you should pay close attention to if you are single

The popular dating application Happn has now shared how a term for singles could strike after the Coronavirus pandemic. Revenge dating is now one of the trends that came back for singles that are searching to find a new partner. 

The term became popular now that Happn and other social media apps started to work again. If the pandemic ended, new trends come to life and some of them could be very harmful to singles. What about you? Are you planning to use these apps again or you prefer more traditional ways of finding love?

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Singles Should Pay Attention To This Trend

If you are a single that wants to come back to a relationship using dating apps, then you should be very careful. There are some trends that you should pay close attention to if you do not want to get hurt. We are talking about one of the trends that were also popular before the pandemic: revenge dating. 

According to Marine Ravinet, the Head of Trends at Happn, as the restrictions are now eased (compared to what it was 2020), more singles can’t wait to go on different dates. 

“What we do know, however, is that singles are in two states of mind. On the one hand, they want to make the most of the summer and live freely, and on the other, ‘serious’ plans for the future are coming to the forefront.”

This is something you should take into consideration if you are new to the dating apps world. This could happen in different regions of the world and between different individuals. However, there are some things you can do as a single to avoid revenge dating. But before we get to that point, it could be very important to understand what is revenge dating and how it works. 

What is Revenge Dating Happn?

Revenge dating is a trend that started many years ago and that could continue now that the pandemic seems to be getting closer to an end. Revenge dating makes reference to dating other people just to show it off to an ex. 

This is something that does not only affect the older partner but also the single person that would like to start a new relationship – perhaps for a longer period of time. Singles that are now searching for new partners should be very careful about finding a person that wants to have some fun for just a night.

This is the new trend that is growing and could resume now that the pandemic is ending. This is why Happn is following this trend and warning users about this possibility. If you want to have a long-term relationship, then you should pay close attention to this trend. You should definitely avoid engaging with the first person you meet and trying to be more selective about the dates you have. 

Revenge dating could be very harmful and there might not be a very clear way on how to avoid it. This is why you should closely understand the intention of the other person. 

How to Avoid Revenge Dating?

If you want to avoid revenge dating there is no magic trick you could implement. Indeed, you should try understanding the signals that the other person is giving you to understand which are their intentions. 

Be Sincere About What you Want

You should always be sincere about what you want. This would also make the other person think that you might not be open just for a night but perhaps for something longer. Although this would not avoid being affected by revenge dating it could eventually help. 

Understand What the Other Person Wants

You should also have an open conversation with the other person and understand whether they want a fast meeting or a long-term relationship. You can even be open to asking them if they just want to do revenge dating. This would help them know that you are up to it (or not) and that you want different things. 

Don’t Engage So Fast Says Happn

If you want to avoid revenge dating, you should definitely avoid engaging with the other person in an emotional way so fast. If you do so, you open the doors to being hurt in the future. Instead, if you go step by step, you might realize you could avoid an uncomfortable situation. 

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