Top Fetishes in the UK

Do you know which are the top fetishes in the United Kingdom?

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The top fetishes in the UK might be different than what you were thinking before. This does not mean, though, that your fetish is not a good one. In the next sections, we will go through the main fetishes in the UK and why they are attracting the attention of so many individuals.

You might find identified with some of these fetishes or not. This post could help you think of new things to do and try or just make sure that you take part in the most popular fetishes (they might be more common than what you think). 

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Top Fetishes in the UK

Let’s start with some of the hottest fetishes in the UK. Although not all of them might be the right fetishes for you, they might give you some ideas about what could be a good thing to do. 

This comes especially handy after several lockdowns. Couples and friends have been trying to make new things and play during these lockdowns. And now we have an amazing list of fetishes that we want to share with you. 

What is a Fetish?

A fetish is a sexual interest that focuses on a specific thing, body, object or topic. This is generally used to describe the specific sexual preferences of people. 

According to the sex educator Kate Sloan, during a conversation with the Daily Star, she said that a fetish is usually different than a kink as a kink is more commonly used to describe a less intense sexual preference. 

You might have some of these fetishes or non of them. The goal would also be for you to find what turns you and your partner on. 

Top 1 – Masochism

This is the first sexual interest in the UK. This makes references to a trend in which the goal is to receive pain by biting, scratching or doing similar things. Pain could be something exciting, which combined with sex could be even better. 

The expert says that this fetish should be used carefully and with clear communication with the other person. That means that you should be able to tell the other person how much pain you are feeling. 

Remember that you should be very careful if you are doing it to another person. You should know when the other person feels pain and wants you to stop. You don’t want to hurt them or try making them feel bad. This is why communication is a key thing while doing these types of games. 

Top 2 – Objectification

This could also be one of the top fetishes in the UK in the last years. This is a practice of treating the other person like an object or a thing. This could turn sexual desire on the other person and make the sexual time even better. 

As per the sexual expert, it is definitely important to spend time with the other person and enjoy some of the best things between each other. Talking to your partner is going to be a very important thing for this sexual fetish. 

You could also try becoming an object for the other person. This could turn them on and let them enjoy some nice time.  

Top 3 – Role Playing

You can also consider role-playing one of the best fetishes in the UK. Role-playing means that a person performs a character. They could combine this fetish with some clothes making it even better.

This can be performed by both persons at the same time and turn the whole situation on. We are sure that you are going to love these games. Everything depends on the type of game you prefer to play with your partner. 

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