Top 5 Comfortable Sex Positions To Have Great Sex

These are some of the best and most comfortable sex positions to have great sex

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If you want to know the top comfortable sex positions to have great sex then you are in the right place. Knowing comfortable sex positions could be a great way for you to improve your skills in bed. These positions would not only be easy to do but they would also be great to improve over time. 

We will go to traditional but also very pleasant, useful and comfortable sex positions. We include missionary, doggy style and cuddling. You will get some of the best comfortable sex positions to try and to test with your partner or next date. 

There are more advanced and not so comfortable sex positions that would also be great to use. Nonetheless, we focus only on those that would be easy to perform and try once and once again. 

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Top 5 Comfortable Sex Positions

These are some of the most comfortable sex positions that you can try and that would let you have a nice time with your partner or date. There are many others and you can improve or change them over time. This is why knowing these positions would be a great way for you to start innovating and trying new things. 


The missionary is the most popular and common sex position. Mastering it would be a very good thing. If you are in bed for the first time with another person, you might want to get ready to show your skills with this position. 

It would be very important for you to try it many times. It is not only a comfortable sex position. As soon as you start feeling comfortable with it, you can start adding more spicy things. This would be a great thing as your partner would find it easy to do but at the same time interesting from your side. 

You can try different things, moves and touches with your body. But it is up to you to think and plan the way in which you do this position. 

Using a Pillow

Another thing that you can do is use a pillow to have a more comfortable position. This would be very important as it would not only give you a better position but it would also be more comfortable for the other person. 

It would not matter if you are on top or below, it is just a matter of how comfortable you and your partner feel. This would be a great starting point to start doing different things. Your partner would be glad to see that you are trying to spice things up with a simple but easy-to-do position. 


Cuddling is perhaps one of the best things to do in bed. We all love to do that and it would also be a great way to start having a nice time with your partner. Try to practice it as many times as possible. In the future, it could be very useful to have some chilling time with your partner. 

This is something that does not require any special skills. You just simply do the normal cuddling and you will realize that it could be a great thing to do with your partner. Over time, you would add more spicy things and the person that is next to you would be very grateful. 

The Duo

This is a very comfortable sex position, no matter who is the active person in the relationship. You can simply use it to give great stimulation to your partner while also being able to add any sex toy you want or even play with their bodies. 

There are many different things that you can do with this position, it is up to you to start testing it and trying new things. 


The rabbit would be another easy-to-do position for couples that want to have a nice time together. It is very useful if you have sex toys, and it is very recommended to use one. This would let you give your partner an amazing stimulus while at the same time playing with their bodies. 

If you are able to learn and improve this position, your partners would love it. It is just a matter of trying new things and making it possible for the other person to feel more pleased with the things that you do.

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