Top Things to Know About Sexual Compatibility

You should know these things about sexual compatibility

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Sexual compatibility is definitely important when searching for a partner. There are many things we should take into consideration when trying to start a new relationship. These things are very valuable for us to understand how to talk to the other person, the things they like and how we can be sexually compatible with them.

In the next sections, we share with you how to understand sexual compatibility. Although there are many things to consider, we go through the most important topics and discussions on that matter. 

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What is Sexual Compatibility?

There is no clear definition for sexual compatibility. It could mean many things depending on the person that explains it. For some people, it could mean something but for others, it could be a totally different thing. 

Experts believe that sexual compatibility could be considered the extent to which a person perceives that it has similar (or shares) some sexual believes, preferences and also desires with another person. This could also take into consideration the needs of the other person.

We usually talk about partners in a relationship. Do you feel that your sexual desires are shared by the other person? This is one of the main questions you should do when analysing how sexually compatible you are with another person. 

Furthermore, there are different ways in which you could build sexual compatibility. This means that you do not need to be sexually compatible 100%, but there are some ways in which you could feel well with the other person despite not sharing the same ideas or vision.

How do You Build Sexual Compatibility?

As we said, you could build sexual compatibility with your partner. The first thing that we could mention is related to your sexual activity. Both of you should be enthusiastic about having sex, independently of the type of sex you have. The most important thing is to have the desire for the other person and to feel that you want to spend a nice time with them. 

Following this logic, each person in this relationship should be willing to start and initiate sex. That’s one of the most important things to understand compatibility. Usually, this comes by creating a moment for sex rather than simply ignoring it. Don’t forget that this time should be respected and it should create enthusiasm on the other person. 

Another thing you could think about is the way in which you start sex. Is this spontaneous? Is it forced? If that’s forced, then you should definitely start a conversation with the other person. If that’s not forced, then you should enjoy this time with your partner. 

What to do When your Partner Isn’t Compatible?

If you feel that you and your partner are not sexually compatible, don’t worry. Your relationship shouldn’t come to an end due to this reason. That being said, you should definitely try making it better and searching for a solution together. 

This is where seeing a therapist or a sex therapist could help. Although this might sound intimidating for you, if you feel that your relationship is not going anywhere, then you should definitely consider this. 

Talking is also one of the best ways to understand what’s going on and how to solve compatibility issues. We can think of a regular couple talk about sexual-related things. This should come naturally to deal with things that could make you and your partner feel bad. 

Being honest about your feelings is also important. Say what you feel and let the others express themselves. This would let you understand them and create a comfortable atmosphere between you and them. 

Top Signs You’re Sexually Compatible

There are some signs that you could follow if you feel that you are not sexually compatible. Ask this question: is there a spark between us or it does not exist anymore? If this spark exists, then you know that there is a special connection. 

Another thing you could look for is the way in which you expect sex to work. If you see that your partner has a different approach to it, then you could talk about it. However, if the differences between you and them are large, then this could show that you are not sexually compatible. 

If you find that your sexual life is full and that you and your partner feel happy with it, then you shouldn’t be worried about sexual compatibility. 

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