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Top 30 Snapchat Accounts that share Leaked Snaps

Snapchat became one of the most used social media networks in the last years due to its great features, its general interface and the different use cases that it has. One of the most interesting aspects of Snapchat is the fact that the pictures sent and videos get deleted shortly after they are seen, which makes of it a very interesting platform.

In many cases, there are Snapchat users that do not want to send their images, or videos to some users. Nonetheless, some malicious accounts share this content on the internet. There are several high profile name involved in this situation. Many actors, figures and influencers have been affected by this issue.

In this article, we will share with you which are some of the best usernames to follow related to leaked Snapchat accounts, pictures and videos. Although there are many other users which you will be able to follow, these are just some of the accounts that are available for you to start following.

It is worth pointing out that many of these accounts share NSFW videos and images. This content became very popular in the last years as Snapchat became a platform used by models and amateur individuals that wanted to share with the community their hot and private moments. Nowadays, there are several sites that share content related to Snapchat videos and how they can get leaked.

Leaked Snapchat Usernames to Follow

The owner of the content on Snapchat can decide to send images and videos to some people and block others. This works in this way in order to avoid issues with the content they share. In this way, they can avoid sharing their content with people they don’t want to have contact with and so on.

As mentioned before, Snapchat works with a system that automatically deletes the content once it is sent in order to avoid misuse of these messages. However, itis possible to use several applications that can record videos, audio and images that are sent by some users. This is why there are so many Snapchat leaks on the internet.

Snapsaved was one of the most used platforms to record videos from Snapchat. This would have allowed you to see the videos even after the video or image has been deleted, which can be great to enjoy using Snapchat and having contact with other people. Snapsaved indeed allowed users to hold the pictures indefinitely.

However, the main issue that affected this service was related to a hack that had access to the private photos, content and videos of several users. Indeed, then they started spreading information on the web regarding these accounts and private profiles.

This was one of the ways Snapchat data and information could be leaked. Several media outlets have been working in order to reduce the number of these add-on applications. They could be very harmful to many and create complications in the future.

Some of the users that have been leaked include the following:

































Of course, there are many more accounts that you can follow. You can make a list of your friends and your favourite colleagues or pornstars and add some of these profiles to your list. The larger the content we have, the better would be for you to be in touch with the whole community and find the content that is certainly interesting for you.

In the future, you can also follow the news in case there are new accounts that were released publicly or that were filtered. It would certainly be interesting to see who is going to be public and which accounts would be available to follow.

Snapchat for Porn?

There are many other accounts that have already been leaked and that share adult content. As you can see, the aforementioned accounts are usually related to porn content and hot videos and images. Using Snapchat for viewing and consuming porn became a very common thing among people.

One of the main reasons why this became a trend in the last years is related to the fact that Snapchat is a large social network that cannot be censored as other sites such as Facebook or Instagram, and users feel free to express themselves in the way they feel.

As mentioned before, the interface that Snapchat has is great for users to handle videos and images. Furthermore, it can also work as a platform to share private content such as nudes, hot videos and even VIP porn.

Snapchat allows users to send photos, videos, texts and more. In addition to it, Snapchat includes a large number of filters that can make it great for Sexting and Flirting. Moreover, the interface makes it very easy for users to understand how to use the application.

Couples, partners, friends and colleagues are already using Snapchat in order to send nudes, receive hot pictures and flirt with each other. This is a great and fascinating tool that is now used by thousands of individuals from all over the world.

Nudes and dirty videos are great to create new relationships and strengthen others. However, not all the content must be public. Indeed, Snapchat was very useful because it could be used by people known their images and data would be deleted once it is seen by the receiver.

In this guide, we shared some accounts that were leaked and how it is sometimes very important to be sure to who we send our content to and how we could become affected by it.

There are some sites that are currently providing only Snapchat porn videos. This is great for searching for content in a format that is not necessarily common to find. One of the advantages of Snapchat porn is related to having amateur videos that can be very useful for us if we are searching for a more emotional and private connection with the models and users on the other side of the network.

These sites are currently growing because there is a large demand for this content. The way in which the camera works, the context and the entire videos would provide viewers and users with great satisfaction. What may require hours of searching and searching in traditional porn sites, these websites are already providing it with all in just a single platform.

Issues With Snapsaved

Snapsaved was affected by a hack that resulted in the loss of thousands of images, videos and data from users that were sharing their content with other accounts. This created lots of problems for many users that discovered their private images and videos were already going throughout the internet.

Snapchat had to publicly explain that this was not their fault and that this was the sole responsibility of those handling a third-party application. These apps were used by users to send and receive snaps and keep them for a longer time. One of these applications was of course Snapsaved.

The company (Snapsaved) took responsibility on its shoulders and explained this was an issue with a server misconfiguration, where they were holding all the data from users. Since then, the firm is not operating in the market anymore. This has certainly affected and damaged the Snapchat community over time.

What Was Leaked?

As mentioned before, thousands of images and videos. Many of them were nudes, naked pictures and private videos that were sent to some users rather than to the entire community and the world.

Some of the celebrities that were affected we find, Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and many others. Of course, porn actors were also affected, losing private images that were sent to followers or VIP users.

Of course, private pictures of many other users were also lost, creating many issues to individuals that were only using Snapchat to share some content with friends, colleagues and other family members.

Leaks and hacks have happened in many industries and to large companies as well. Indeed, a few days ago, EasyJet, one of the largest airlines in the world was hacked, losing data of millions of clients, including credit card information, emails and passwords, among other things.


Snapchat became a very useful tool to start sexting, flirting and sharing private and hot videos with colleagues, friends and users. However, there were many leaks in the past that affected the privacy of a large number of individuals. This is due to the fact that individuals were using other third-party applications to store content.

In this way, the servers of these third-party applications were affected by a hack that resulted in the loss of all these videos and pictures that were then spread throughout the internet. Nudes, porn videos, private and intimate moments and more were all leaked.

This blog aimed at sharing with you information about what can happen when we don’t properly use Snapchat and how this social media network needs to be handled responsibly.

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