Sex Positions to Have Multiple Orgasms

There are some amazing sex positions you can use tonight to have multiple orgasms

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Finding sex positions to have multiple orgasms is not an easy thing to do. If you have been trying for several months or weeks, then this is normal. It requires you to know your partner and your partner to know you as multiple orgasms is something that cannot be easily reached by women. 

But there are some techniques that you can follow if you want to try your luck of having multiple orgasms. Apparently, the position called Cup Holder became very popular for those that want to experience an intense orgasm while having sex. 

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Sex Positions to Have Multiple Orgasms

You should know that there are no secrets here. It is not easy to have multiple orgasms, and there is no position that would have magic results. However, there are some positions that would definitely let you improve the chances of enjoying a unique experience in bed. 

According to Cosmopolitan, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow if you want to try some new sensations when having sex with your partner. Although not all of them are sex positions, some of these tips would be very useful to let you enjoy very good orgasms while having sex.

Mutual Masturbation

One of the things that you can try is mutual masturbation with your partner. This is something that could let you change the way in which you feel the sex and how you enjoy your orgasms. You would be pleasing yourself and your partner would be part of it. 

This could bring a situation in which both of you would be ready to experience a unique situation in just minutes. But this highly depends on the person and the couple. Some couples claim that this is a very useful thing while others consider that it does not work as they expect. 

Try With Toys

People forget that they can also use sex toys while having sex. This is something that would definitely stimulate your erogenous zones and would help you achieve multiple orgasms. As already mentioned, there is no secret on how to stimulate yourself to achieve multiple orgasms, but you would definitely find that this could be a nice situation to work with. 

There are sex toys for women but also for men. You can try both and see which of them has a positive effect while you enjoy with your partner. 

The Cup Holder

Another thing we should take into consideration is that there is a position called Cup Holder. This position seems to be very useful to have multiple orgasms. As they explain, if you feel very sensitive after an orgasm, then you want to use a seated position. 

This is why you should try sitting on top of your partner’s lap and try to reach an orgasm. In this case, it also involves your partner playing with your V as you reach the orgasm. If you have not tried this yet then you should definitely give it a try and test whether this makes it easy for you to reach an orgasm. 

There are other positions that would help you reach multiple orgasms, however, not all of them are going to be effective 100%. It is up to you to try and check new positions that would give you different pleasure and sensations when you play. 

At the same time, your partner would also have to play a key role in letting you enjoy multiple orgasms. This can happen if you and your partner are aligned in what you want to achieve. This is why talking and having a conversation about it could work and improve the whole situation. 

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