Hottest Sex Positions to Try After Lockdowns

There are some positions that will be trending after the recent lockdowns

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If you are tired of the usual sex positions, then there is some positive news about it. That’s about to change. They said that after lockdowns and an entire year in which we have been closed on our homes, there will be new positions to boost our libido.

But of course, this depends on us and the things we do to improve our libido. If you want to keep it spicy and hot with your partner, there are some techniques that you can apply to make your private time even better.

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Sex Positions After Lockdowns

In this section, we are going to share with you which are the hottest sex positions to try after the lockdowns we experienced last year. 


We need to celebrate we are going out of lockdowns and starting to live our lives as we should. Things are coming back to normality, and why not celebrate it? This position can be done on the edge of a bed. 

One of the persons should be lying on the bed while the other should be standing up and grinding from behind. This could be a great way to stimulate your partner after several months in which things were different for the whole world.

Doggy Style

If you thought that this position is old and not used anymore, we are sorry to tell you that is one of the best. Indeed, rather than thinking about complicated positions, it is sometimes better to go to something we know how to do it and we are sure that would be good. 

We do not even need to tell you how to execute it. However, you can always add some foreplay or sex toys, this would make it more interesting and hot, not only for you but also for your partner. 


As we mentioned before, we want to keep it simple. With flatiron you know you will have a nice time with this sex position without having to make it difficult. We all want to have some good time after these lockdowns. 

With so many rules and regulations, we now want to create a nice connection with our partners and just enjoy our private lives. 

Leap Frog

Some people consider that this is just a simple variation of the popular doggy style. And they might not be so wrong. The main difference is that the person that is in bed should push their backs down as much as possible. 

This could increase the penetration feelings and feel even more when your partner does the work. At the same time, you can always stimulate your clitoris with this position. 


Let’s continue with the best sex positions after lockdown with cowgirl. This position is one of the easiest to do and follow. There is nothing that could make it wrong. The person that is sitting up will definitely be the one in control of the situation. If you like to dominate, this could be a good way to do so. 

At the same time, with the cowgirl position, you make sure that you delay or accelerate your climax. This is why we consider this could be one of the best sex positions to share with your partner. 

Scoop Me Up

This is another position that you and your partner can try right after you wake up in the morning. If you like to spoon at night, then this could be a great way to start the day. Without even changing position, your partner will start the game. 

The position is very easy to execute and it makes it easy for both of you to feel pleasure compared to other positions that might be more complicated to execute.


This is also a very simple position to follow that would not require anything additional. You start from the missionary position but raise your legs forming a “V.” In this way, your partner will have an easier time playing with you and during the penetration period. 

If you want to make it even hotter, then you should try holding your ankles. This can easily give you stability and make it easier to boost your pleasure. There are many different things you can do to improve the experience. However, you depend a lot on your partner here. 

This is just one of the many sex positions that you can try after lockdown. 

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