Most Common Sex Injuries You Could Get

These are the most common sex injuries you can get

It is clear that we could get some sex injuries when we enjoy our time with our partner or another person. If you are having sex and you feel that it hurts, perhaps it is time to make a pause and understand why it is like that and what you can do to avoid having sex injuries. 

Sex injuries are more common than we think. They happen to everyone, men or women. This is why we should know which are the most common sex injuries and what we can do to reduce them. 

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What are Sex Injuries?

This is the question from which we should start: what are Sex Injuries? Those are injuries that we could experience while having sex. These are hazards that we could avoid (or at least reduce) if we take some measures. 

There are many types of injuries. 62% of Europeans claim that they have had at least a sex injury over the last years. This is something to which we should pay close attention if we want to avoid them. 

In the next sections, we share which are the most common sex injuries you could experience. 

Dislocated Shoulders

Dislocated shoulders are one of the most common situations that we could experience having sex. We always try to discover new positions and ways to increase our pleasure and the pleasure of our partner. But this is usually not the best way to improve our skills. 

Indeed, trying new positions that we never tried before or that seem to be complicated could cause a dislocated shoulder. This is usually painful and requires you to take several weeks without moving the region. Avoiding it could be one of the best decisions. 

Allergic Reactions

When we have sex we use to include different types of sex toys and objects. It is very comfortable for us and it gives us additional pleasure that we could always enjoy. However, we also need to take into consideration that this could bring us some type of allergic reactions. 

We do not know 100% which is the type of material of which the object is done. In addition to it, the way we clean it is also very important if we use it multiple times. Having detailed information about the sex toys we use is definitely important to avoid possible allergic reactions.

Stuck Objects

This is also linked to the previous section about sex toys. We could certainly use them to increase our pleasure. But one of the main risks that we have is that they could get stuck on our body, for example on our anus. 

If this is the case, we would not only have pain, but we could also harm our body. The best thing to do is to get to a doctor as soon as possible that would help you deal with the situation. This should be considered an emergency to void possible infections or even more complicated situations. 

Heart Attack

When we have sex we are having physical activity. Our body knows that and our heart feels and works accordingly. If we do have previous heart conditions, we could be affected by a heart attack. This does not mean that the next time you have sex you will experience a heart attack, but people with previous conditions or older generations could eventually have a small possibility of suffering a heart attack. 

Muscle Pain

This is almost an obvious situation. If you have sex, you could definitely end up with pain in your muscles. You are moving your body and giving the best of yourself so as to have pleasure and pleasuring another person. 

When we try new positions or have sex for long periods of time, muscle pain is something you should take into account. This is not something to get worried about, but injuring always the same muscle could take long-term recovery periods. You should always stop when you feel pain and avoid doing using positions that could harm your muscles.

Broken Penis

A broken penis is more common than we suppose. This is why you should definitely be conscious that this could also happen. Try being gently when you have sex with the other person and focusing on keeping the good health of the penis. A bad movement could eventually create problems it and it would require several weeks of recovery.

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