What are Sex Games?

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Sex games became very popular in the last years. They can be used alone, with your couple or even with friends. The main goal is to have some hot time with the person you want. In this way, you can get ready for something more or just have some sexy time together.

If you do not know what sex games are, then you are in the right place. We are going to tell you all you need to know about free sex games, adult sex games and online sex games. 

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What are Sex Games?

Let’s start with the basics: what are sex games? If you do not know what sex games are, then this is the right post for you. These are games that you can play alone or with your couple and that usually include sexy things. 

Rather than playing normal games, the goal is to include some more action with private and intimate things. For example, we could add sex toys, sexy secrets or even sexual activities. In general, these games work very well when you want to know another person. 

If you are with your friend and both of you want to play some games, then these could help. Indeed, with them, you will get to know each other and get some physical contact. Eventually, you could end up forgetting about the game and doing something hotter. 

For couples, sex games are very important. They help them improve their sexual relationship after several years together. Moreover, these games could also be used before sexual activities and to get a nice time with your partner. 

Free Sex Games

30-day position challenge

One of the best free sex games that you can find is the position challenge. This, more than a game, is a challenge that you and your partner should follow. You should try a new position every single day when you have sex. 

You will realize that things will get more than exciting. What are you waiting for to try that?

Body Degustation

One of the games you can play with your partner is degustating food on their body. This is very hot, especially if we think about using ice or hot things. For example, eating cream, fruits and ice cream from your partner’s body could be certainly hot. 

Read Sex Stories

Another sexy game you can do is reading sex stories. It is full of these stories online and you can check them. This could be a great wait to start playing before actually having sex. These stories would turn you both on and discover things that you might not know. 

Use Sex Apps

There are several sex game apps that you can download right now to your smartphone. There are many things you can do with them, we are sure you would not regret that. As they are interactive, you would discover very interesting and hot games that can be played with your partner or friends.

Sexy Truth or Dare

This is perhaps one of the most popular sex games available right now. If you do not know any other sex game, this is the one you can try and start exploring. After you learn how to play this game, you can move to other experiences.

You might discover things about your partner that you do not even imagine. Start with simple questions and move on with hotter ones. This could also be a great way for friends that want to have some intimate time as well. 

Online Sex Games

There are also some online games that could be very useful for couples, friends and also to play as a single person. These online games are usually interactive games where you are a character and you need to decide about the future of that character. 

The positive thing is that the story is not a simple one, but you can select many different paths. For example, you will realize the games will be full of romanticism, sex and intriguing stuff. Everything will depend on the choices you make and how the other characters react. 

Some other online sex games would be literally hard-core sex with different characters. These games are also available online and could be a great way to get ready before having sex. You can also use them if you are bored and you just want to have some fun. 

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