Redtube vs Xvideos – Differences Explained

Do you know the difference between Redtube vs Xvideos?

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Redtube vs Xvideos are two of the most popular platforms in the porn industry. Each of them has a different interface and share hot videos from models in the porn community. These are to of the best sites to use if you want to get access to porn content. 

However, they are not the same. Each of them has different features and characteristics. Depending on the content you want to get it would be better to use one or another. This is why we have decided to create this guide. 

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What is Redtube?

Redtube is one of the largest porn sites in the world. The page has been operating for several years and they are offering some of the hottest porn videos ever. Gay Redtube is one of the favourite categories of people on this platform. 

However, there are other categories available. For example, users can get the best lesbian porn content, POV videos, straight and Asian. Of course, most of the popular models working in the porn industry appear on Redtube as well. 


The site is very easy and straightforward to use. As soon as you enter, you see videos from different categories. These are usually the most popular videos on the platform at the time you enter. In this way, you get fast access to some of the hottest videos displayed on Redtube. 

Additionally, users get access to porn content from all over the world and a premium site. The Premium site includes HD porn content and videos from some agencies. In this way, users can get access to some of the best videos created by porn models. 

Although Redtube might not be the right place to get Snapchat usernames or content, it could be used as a platform to enjoy some of the hottest videos right now in the market. Finally, Redtube is owned by Mindgeek. 

What is Xvideos?

Xvideos is another popular porn platform. This site is very similar to Pornhub. They are sharing dirty content from porn models from all over the world. They basically share with users the best porn content ever. 

This platform has been operating for several years and it has a very easy-to-use interface. This is why it became very useful and one of the largest to enjoy porn content. Xvideos is a clear competitor to Redtube. 

Users can enjoy a wide range of content using this platform. For example, they do not only have the possibility to enjoy gay Xvideos porn, but also other categories. Indeed, the categories are the same as in Redtube. 

Users can get access to lesbian porn content, POV videos, milf porn and more. Thus, it is a very useful platform to search for some of the hottest videos ever. Additionally, users can also get a premium account. 

As it usually happens with porn sites, these accounts are very useful if you want to improve the quality of the content you enjoy. While most of the videos have acceptable quality, few of them can be watched in full HD. This is why they are offering a paid premium site. Users can get access to full HD movies. Moreover, they get access to unique content and also videos that are not published for free on the site. 

Redtube vs Xvideos Differences

There are several differences between xVideos and Redtube. These two sites have different videos. While Pornhub and Redtube offer similar content (they are both owned by the same company) Redtube vs Xvideos have many movies and videos that are totally different. 

If you are searching for a video that you cannot find in xVideos, then try Redtube. The same would happen if you are on Redtube and you cannot find the content you are looking for. However, most of the content you have on one of these platforms can be found also on the other. 

Over the last years, Redtube and Pronhub aimed at taking a larger part of the porn market. Xvideos is a clear leader in the industry and Redtube and Pornhub are following behind. Mindgeek tries to offer the best possible content through the standardization of their sites. 

Redtube vs XVideos is one of the main clashes in the porn industry. That means that if you are looking for porn, these two sites are some of the best options available. No matter where you are, these sites are sharing with users some of the best content ever.

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