Top Red Flags You Should Know For a First Date

Did you know these red flags you should avoid on a first date?

Nobody thinks of red flags on a first date. We are all enchanted by the person that is in front of us (if we choose well). We are trying to have a nice time and perhaps taste the amazing food you are eating. However, there are some red flags you should watch out for on a first date. 

This is why Jana Hocking decided to write a list of the things that she found on a first date that called her attention. Of course, these things are now very useful for us to understand which are the red flags we should check during a first date. 

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Red Flags To Watch Out For On a First Date

These are the things you should definitely avoid during a first date. If you eventually spot them on the other person, you should be questioning whether you want to keep this night or if you want to eventually end it as soon as possible. 

Be Careful About Things They Want You To Change

The first thing you should take into consideration is whether the other person is already asking you to change some things. In general, they might ask you to do so by talking in the third person. This is something that you might not notice in the beginning but that later becomes obvious. 

We do not normally talk in the third person, first of all. And secondly, it is always better to be sincere with the other person. If we start a date by talking about these things, then we are sure that the person is not the right one for us. 

For example, another man talking to Jana Hocking was at least direct to her. He asked her how to get her to stop talking “like that.” However, it was not clear what he meant. Even though, she thinks that he was talking about the type of humour she has. 

This is definitely a red flag! If you are still enchanted by his or her looking, then think twice. This is not the type of comments you want to receive. At least not on a first date that should be to know each other. 

Is He/She Calling His/Her Ex Crazy?

Be careful of these things as well. You would not like to start a conversation win chich the other person who talks about her/his ex in this way. People deserve respect, even if bad things happened. 

Jana Hocking explains that relationships tend to end because there has been a problem or a lack of love. But saying that the other person was crazy, even if it were right, does not fit to a first date. You could eventually become the next “crazy” person. 

You don’t even want to know what happened behind the scenes. You just want to make sure the date ends as soon as possible to avoid any possible problem with the other person. Calling another person crazy is not the best way to start a relationship or at least dating. 

If they talk about these things on the first date, there is something around that which you should be aware of. 

Avoid Slyly Criticism

Another thing you should also avoid is slyly criticism. The other person could start making these types of comments. But this is what you want to definitely avoid. There is no acceptable way for another person to treat you in this way. 

Indeed, the dating expert considers that if that happens to you, then this is not the right candidate to date. If you are already on this date, then you should move away from the topic from which you were criticized and try showing that you noticed the comments. 

Eventually, the door will always be close to you. You can leave and make it clear that they can talk in this way to another person. However, you have class and you don’t want to make problems. You could simply make it clear that you do not accept this type of comments and the other person should know about it. 

Of course, there are many other red flags we should avoid on a first date. But these were just some real-life situations that you should avoid and that might happen to you or your friends. We all want to avoid them. 

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