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Premium Snapchat Accounts – How Does VIP Snapchat Works? [NSFW]

Learn about Premium Snapchat and get the best VIP Accounts to receive porn content

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Snapchat has been growing as the preferred network by adult content providers to get some extra money and also to make other individuals enjoy great porn videos and images. While there are several free porn Snapchat channels in the market, models want to get rewarded for the content that they produce over time. 

This guide will focus on understanding how Premium Snapchat accounts work, what models are ready to offer, and which are some of the best accounts you can start following and paying a premium to get access to all the content they produce. 

What is Premium Snapchat?

Premium Snapchat makes reference to the services that are provided by users on Snapchat and that require followers to pay a fee for consuming exclusive or personalized content. This kind of solutions has been expanding in the porn industry and several amateur and professional models are no offering Snapchat-related premium services. 

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Models realized that selling Snapchat premium accounts allows them to get great revenue over time and get followers that will definitely be very useful. Users will get access to some of the services provided by the models or just a few of them. This is going to be determined by the model in agreement with the person that will be consuming the adult content. 

It is worth taking into consideration that there may be not only a flat fee but also some additional payments related to the requests. Moreover, some users can pay a basic Premium and they pay the additional price for other personalized content the model will be providing. 

The price of Premium Snapchat account can be very different from account to account and the images and content provided to users. The larger and more specific the content, the more expensive it will be. 

Snapchat is also a great platform because it is very easy to use, there are millions of users around the world and the content gets deleted after 24 hours of being sent. That makes of Snapchat a great platform to share adult content, including videos and images. 

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Premium Snapchat Content

Premium Snapchat content is going to be different from model to model. There is not just a simple catalogue of things that they will send or not. For example, some models would provide free suggestive images and videos, but if you want to see nudes and naked images, you would have to pay for each of the pictures or videos sent or a flat fee with unlimited access to the content provided by the model. 

Other models would provide great nudes, images and content and charging a fee to users that want to access other personalized content and videos. That means that you will have the possibility to receive high-quality nudes, but if you want a personalized topic, including POV sex, JOIs, blowjobs or even role-play, then you will have to pay for a fee. 

The content will always change from model to model and the images and videos they decide to offer to their followers. The higher the payment, the more open the models will be to send the things you request. Of course, there are always some limits. Some content providers will not want to do specific things and they will inform you which are the things that they do not like. 

When you have a VIP Snapchat or a Premium account, then you will be able to have more direct access with the model. Traditional porn sites do not allow you to get access to models as you’d like. With Snapchat, models will be able to get in touch with their audiences, know what they like, what they need to get turned on and the models will use this information to offer even better videos and pictures. 

Models would not like you to take screenshots or record the screen. So be cautious about doing it if they do not allow it explicitly. 

Premium Snapchat Accounts to Follow

There are several models that you can follow on Snapchat that are providing hot premium content, images and videos. In this section we will share with you some models that will be ready to offer Premium Snapchat services:

  • MelRose Michaels

This is one of the greatest models offering content on Snapchat. She is offering solo cum shows, JOI shows, Foot fetish shows, public shoes, POV Shows and many other things. She posts new premium Snapchat Shows on a daily basis. 

She is also offering a free Snapchat account for you to get a demo of what she can offer to you on her private channel. As mentioned before, this model would not accept screenshots or recording. 

  • Cherry Dana 

This model is going to be great for you if you like blonde girls with great body and tits. This model is going to be providing some of the greatest content for you. You can get subscribed to what she offers and get some of the best content that she can provide to you. You can find her on Snapchat as CherryD27

  • Dahyn 

Dahyn is also going to be a great model that you can start following on Snapchat and pay for a premium. She is a Colombian webcam model and she is offering Squirting shows, anal shows and many other things. If you like brunette models, Dahyn is going to be for you. 


Premium Snapchat is a great way for you to have access to some of the greatest models in the adult content industry. You will get fantastic content in just a few taps and for much less than using premium traditional sites. Moreover, the models are going to be ready to offer you the best content that would fit all the needs and requests you have. 

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