Top 5 Phrases to Say During Sex

These are the top 5 phrases to say during sex

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When having sex, we want to make sure we know the top 5 phrases to say during sex. There are many things we can say when we are in an intimate moment. But there are some phrases that are better than others, and your partner will know that. 

We want to share with you the top 5 phrases to say during sex. Although these are just 5, as the title suggests, there are many others you can use. The best thing you can do is asking your partner what they want and what they would like to hear from you. 

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Top 5 Phrases To Say During Sex

As we suggested, when we thought about these top 5 phrases to say during sex, we also were thinking about which ones could be generally applied to couples. Let’s not forget that every person is different and they like different things. This is why they might not apply to everyone. 

However, we all like to hear dirty things when having sex or enjoying a nice time with another person. And there are some phrases that could definitely turn us on even more during that time. 

Do Whatever You Want to Me

This is one of the favourite phrases of many people. They love to hear that there is a person saying they could do what they want to them. If you are in bed, you want to make sure that the other person is really there to enjoy with you, and this phrase reinforces that feeling. 

If you do not know how to react to it, just let yourself go. Take control of the situation. You are going to be the person leading that. Of course, you should know what the other person likes and how they like it. This is specifically good for couples that have been together several times already.

Whisper Dirty Things

When we are having sex, we also like to hear dirty things. Whispers are a good way to stimulate the other person and let them know you are connected to them. You can start whispering any of the phrases present in this post and the other person would be delighted to hear them. 

You can also whisper what you would like the other person to do. When we are at an intimate moment, we tend to whisper, and that’s good. This would bring you close to your partner and they will also know that they are giving you all what you like and need.

I’m Ready to Come

This is, perhaps, one of the most popular phrases to say when you are having sex. Letting the other person know that you are ready to come is definitely hot. When you hear that from your partner, this would give you also the necessary strength to continue until there is a happy ending. 

This phrase is definitely useful to give an idea to your partner how close you are to come. Rather than not saying anything, better when you give this information and you let the other person do the rest. 

Make Me Yours

What a nice phrase to hear when we are in bed. “Make me yours” is among the hottest things you could say to your partner or to a person that you do it for the first time. This would let them know that you are completely theirs and that they could feel comfortable while doing it to you. 

When you say that, you are also letting them know that you want more from them and that you feel safe next to them. You can use it also with your partner and have a great time together. Both of you will be happy with it. 

Right There

When you are at a moment in which the pleasure is at a very good level and you do not want to stop it, then you can say “right there.” In this way, everyone knows that you are having a very good time and that you are enjoying the time with the other person. 

Your partner will also know that they are doing things right. With this phrase, you let them know that they shouldn’t stop and that they should continue doing so in the way they were or even better. We are sure these top 5 phrases to say during sex could make a difference. 

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