OnlyFans and Sex Toys Could Be the Future Says Sex Expert

A sex expert considers that the future of the porn industry will be focused on OnlyFans and sex toys

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OnlyFans and sex toys could be the future of the porn industry. This is according to the sex tech expert Raymond Selwood, the founder of During a recent conversation with The Daily Star, he mentioned that technology is expected to change the way people consume porn content. 

One of the things that have pushed for the recent changes in how people consume porn is Coronavirus. During the last year, we have been living under lockdowns all over the world. No matter where you live, there has been some type of restriction imposed.

This has also changed the way in which we also interact with others. We moved from having direct contact with other people to subscribing to OnlyFans accounts and Snapchat VIP groups. Raymond Selwood can explain how OnlyFans users can promote their accounts using OnlyAccounts. Furthermore, he thinks that OnlyFans and sex toys will be the things that will change the way in which we consume porn content. 

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Porn Industry Before Pandemic

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the best and easiest way to consume porn was to use PornHub or Xvideos. These are sites that allow us to consume dirty content and the videos we like. There are hundreds of categories and models working on these platforms. However, the main negative aspect of these sites is that the relationship between models and their fans is impossible.

This could be frustrating. There have been many different ways to interact with content provided by some models. However, it becomes difficult to get access to the models, chat with them or even them knowing their fans. 

This is where OnlyFans became a very useful platform. The same happened with Snapchat and other applications. Technology became one of the most important things to get access to models and pornstars. 

With the pandemic, things changed and we need to get used to this new reality. We didn’t have the chance to get so much physical contact, but we got the possibility to use more technological tools that are also going to play a more prominent role in the future as well. 

But which are these things? According to Raymond, we should start paying close attention to OnlyFans and sex toys. This platform and type of objects will definitely change the way in which we live and enjoy our sexuality. But are we ready for that change? In the next section, we cover some of these topics and more to understand which could be their impact. 

OnlyFans and Sex Toys 

OnlyFans is an online video and content-sharing platform that became very popular among pornstars and models. The main reason behind it is related to the fact that they can easily share their content with us and we can pay for a subscription. 

Rather than depending on a company that will produce the content, we are directly engaging with the models. This is certainly an advancement compared to pornhub or Xvideos. This is why it is so important and why we should start focusing on it. 

If we wanted to get extra porn content or better quality porn, we just had to pay for premium accounts. However, we couldn’t get the experience that we wanted. It was just a small improvement compared to traditional porn. But what can we do to change it with the technology we have now. 

According to Raymond, OnlyFans and sex toys are the solution. He explains that 3D porn and virtual porn are also expanding and we should pay close attention to them. This would not have happened 5 years ago without the lockdowns and the Coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, he talked about VR porn sites and how they are also offering 8k definition. 

Finally, OnlyFans and sex toys (smart sex toys) are going to make a difference and change the way in which we consume dirty content. 

“From vibrators with mobile phones that help improve your orgasms to toys designed for long-distance relationships.”

These things are expected to change the way in which we interact with people. OnlyFans and sex toys are just some of the examples we are talking about but there are many others. As he suggests VR porn, and other types of new technologies could definitely change the way in which we have sexual contact with others. 

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