Mutual Masturbation Benefits

We share with you all the benefits of mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation could be one of the things you didn’t know that could help you and your partner. Indeed, this is among the things you can do to improve your relationship and have a better intimate time. 

There are different benefits of mutual masturbation. If you do not know them, don’t worry, we are going to share that with you. For example, you do not even need to be next to the other person to do it (you can use a camera or a phone). 

In the next sections, we tell you what is mutual masturbation and what are its benefits. 

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What is Mutual Masturbation?

Mutual masturbation is the act of masturbating with another person. This is literally masturbating yourself with another person that is also doing it. Thus, you now can do it alone or with another person next to you. 

There are many things that can be done with your partner in terms of mutual masturbation. Although this might be something that is not so common in couples that just share some time throughout the day, it could be very positive for them to add this to their routines. 

Mutual Masturbation Benefits

There are several benefits, as we mentioned before, to mutual masturbation. Although these are not all, we are sure that will help you get a clear picture of what we are talking about right now. 

Improves confidence

One of the things you should know about mutual masturbation is that it improves your confidence. By doing it with your partner and seeing him / her turn on, you can be sure the other person is playing next to you. 

Being sure about your partners’ emotions is something you can only do when there is a large level of trust. Thus, doing it would improve your confidence and would help improve your partners’ confidence.

This would also later have several positive benefits on your relationship, which we describe in the sections below. 

Improves your relationship

As we mentioned above, doing it with your partner has many benefits. It improves your relationship by discovering new ways of having pleasure with him or her. The entire time you spend with this activity could also give place to talks and moments shared together. 

Furthermore, you can also be sure that there are several couples that might have some troubles engaging in sexual activities. Mutual masturbation could help you approach your partner and enjoy some intimate time if you didn’t have some quality time in recent months. Thus, this could be just the beginning of something better. 

Gives you time for other things

We are now living in a world that does not gives us the time we would like to do other things. This is why mutual masturbation could be the way you have to enjoy some private time with your partner. Rather than having sex, which usually takes longer and requires more time from both sides, you would only get to the point with mutual masturbation and some games. 

You will realize that it takes less time and it also helps you to have a nice time with your partner. Thus, this is a very positive thing if you have no time to do other activities. However, it is always good to have sex, don’t replace it. 

Reduces stress

We can also reduce stress with this activity. Indeed, after a long day of work, you could directly move to mutual masturbation to reduce stress and have some time for you and your partner. It is always good to disconnect from the routine and this could be one of the ways to do so. 

Moreover, masturbation helps you to reduce your tensions and to make you distracted if you had a difficult day at work. Thus, you should consider adding this to your routine and making it better and easier for you. 

Let’s you know your partner better

Finally, mutual masturbation lets you know your partner better. Why? Because you will simply be with her in an intimate moment where you can talk about different things. Moreover, you would also see and understand what your partner likes. 

If you were having some issues with your partner, this could be a good way to start solving them or understanding how you can help. Sharing an intimate moment that is different from having sex could be one of the possibilities you have to share some quality time with your partner. 

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