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These are the best male sex toys

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Male sex toys are one of the best ways to enjoy sex. They can be very useful to find new pleasure and to know our bodies better. In recent years, not only sex toys for women were produced but also male sex toys appeared. 

This guide is going to be about men sex toys, how to use sex toys and how to clean sex toys, among other things. We will also share some ideas about sex toys for women and where to buy sex toys. 

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What are Sex Toys?

A sex toy is a gadget that can be used by women and men to increase their sexual pleasure. These toys can be used in different ways when we are alone and also with another person. There are many different options of toys currently available. It is up to you whether you want to use them. 

It is possible to stimulate the clitoris if you are a woman or even the anal region if you are a man. Moreover, you can also buy some additional toys for tits and nipples. Guys can also select a fake vagina that would replicate the sexual parts of a woman. 

Some toys can stimulate several parts of the body at the same time. Sex toys for women can include a dildo with a clitoris stimulator. You can also use a vibrator that would also stimulate your erogenous zones. A vibrator can be used in different parts of the body. 

Moreover, anal toys can be used at the same time as vibrators. Yes, you can use two different toys at the same time. It is up to you whether you use one or two. But you can always discover new pleasure, erogenous zones and positions. 

If you are a man, checking the different types of toys could be a good thing to do. One of the recommendations is not to share toys with other people. Moreover, you should keep them always clean and in a dry place. We will tell you more about how to clean sex toys in the next sections. 

How to Use Sex Toys?

Sex toys for men are different to use than sex toys for women. You can buy sex toys to give pleasure to your penis and also to your anal. What men don’t know is that they can enjoy using their anal a lot. Male sex toys are going to help them discover this new pleasure with these toys.

Each sex toy is different. You can check how to use it when you purchase it and get information about them. There is no rocket science, but you should always read the instructions when you buy a new toy. It is important that you keep it clean and that it is properly stored and used. 

Don’t do anything different than what the instructions say. You can get hurt. We are not responsible for any bad use you give to your toy. 

When you start using a sex toy, make sure that you have clean hands. A good thing is to always take a shower so you make sure you are 100% clean. You can also clean the toys beforehand. Thus, cleaning a toy before and after usage is always a great idea. Even a small contact with dust or dirtiness could be harmful to you and your body. 

How to Clean Sex Toys?

Male and women sex toys are cleaned in a similar way. That means that there are no different methods to clean your sex toy. In order to clean your sex toy, you should always know what they are made of. 

The instructions that come with these sex toys should have information on how to store and clean these toys. For example, one of the categories you should take into consideration is whether the toy is made of a porous material or a nonporous material. 

Porous materials could include wholes and places where bacteria can easily grow. Thus, you want to be very clean with your male sex toys. Additionally, you should always wash and properly dry your sex toy once you use it. It should be completely dry so no fungus would be able to expand through humidity. 

Nevertheless, the best way to clean them is by reading the instructions that come with the toy. This is something you should always do and never ignore. Cleaning your sex toys properly would allow you to use them safely and properly. 

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