Latest Sex Trends in the UK

These are the latest trends in the UK

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The latest sex trends in the UK are going to have a large influence on our lives. But which are the sex trends that we expect for the United Kingdom this year? There are many things that are now becoming very popular and that would let us have a great time in bed. But do you know which are the latest sex trends in the UK?

Many of the new trends are connected to sexual health and well-being. According to Dominnique Karestsos, the CEO of the Healthy Pleasure Group explains that sexual health and technology will play a key role in the latest sex trends in the UK. 

In the next few paragraphs, we will tell you which are these sex trends you should take into consideration at the time of meeting a new person. 

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Latest Sex Trends in the UK

These are some of the latest sex trends in the United Kingdom that have expanded in recent years. They could continue in the future as well. Thus, we should pay close attention to them as they would change the way in which we engage with sexuality. 

Improving Sexual Health and Wellness

One of the first things that we should know is that sexual wellness is becoming a priority. 2020 was a very important year for the world. We have been in quarantine and there have been lockdowns all around the world, this is why sex toy sales surged during that period, signalling a large interest in being sexually healthy. 

This trend could continue in the future. People that purchased for the first time a sex toy could also buy a second one in the future. Moreover, solo pleasure could also become a more standard thing compared to some years ago. 

Men Grooming

There are many ways in which we could protect our health. One of these options is by using products that would target men. These products could be used as oils, lubes and other types of things that aim at improving men conditions before going to bed. 

There is also a trend in which men are purchasing new types of sex toys for solo pleasure. This is something that was not so common a few years ago. Now, we see that it is connected with the previous topic we discussed here. 

Virtual Reality

As we have previously discussed, virtual reality is becoming a very important trend. We have seen how different websites are already offering VR adult video experiences. Compared to some years ago, this was not yet so common. Now we could see that it is becoming almost a standard for many. 

People can easily enjoy a new sex experience by purchasing a VR headset. Although there are many brands and VR headsets, a simple one would already be enough. Most of the popular adult content sites are already offering a free VR section. Although the variety might not be so large, it could be a good starting point. 

Many other sites are already offering 4k resolution full VR adult content. This would require users to pay, but they would also enjoy a unique experience. In the future, it might even be possible to combine a VR experience with sex toys that will be synchronized with the content. 

Taking Care of Our Health

People are also going to the doctor just to know about their sexual problems. Sexual health becomes a very important topic and health professionals are ready to offer help in case there are some issues that people would like to be solved. 

As Dominnique explains, there are some brands such as Hims and hers that have been offering medical help to millions of individuals while they were at home. Thanks to these types of companies, people can now be protected and know about their sexual processes.

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