How to Boost Intimacy?

There are some things you can do right now to boost your intimacy

How to boost intimacy became a hot topic in recent years. With the Coronavirus pandemic and different lockdowns all over the world, relationships had to search for ways to adapt. This is why intimacy became a very important topic to address by couples. 

If you do not know how to boost intimacy, then we will share some of the most important things about it. Although there are many other things you could implement, this guide could be the beginning. 

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What is Intimacy?

Before we start we need to understand what intimacy is and how it works. The dictionary talks about being intimate with another person, which could be marked by a warm friendship developing through long association or an engagement involving sexual relations. This is intimacy definition. 

But let’s bring it to real-life terms. Intimacy in a relationship is very important. Having the correct time to enjoy ourselves in sexual or non-sexual activities is very important. However, things became somehow difficult in the last few years. 

There are some things and problems that are affecting relationships. Addressing these problems that you recognize that affect your intimacy could help improve your situation. Nevertheless, there are some things that you should understand and analyse before making any decision. 

What Causes Lack of Intimacy?

There are some things that could affect intimacy with your partner. This is because we live in constantly changing worlds that are demanding for each of us as individuals. Not being able to fulfil others’ expectations is also something that we should take into consideration. 

If you want to know what causes a lack of intimacy, here we give you some examples.

Being Far From Home

Being far from home is one of the reasons that could affect intimacy. If you consider that this is your case, then you can certainly take some actions to make it better. For example, you could use Snapchat to send and receive nudes from your partner. This could be a great way of enjoying some quality time together. 

Being a Workaholics

Excessive work could also be one of the reasons for a lack of intimacy. This is why you should understand whether you are disconnecting yourself after working hours or if you continue talking and thinking about the same all the time. 

This could be something that harms your relationship and that affects intimacy with your partner. 

Being Stressed

If you are not only a workaholics but also stressed, then this could be a terrible combination for your intimate time. When the time comes to be with your partner, you might not even feel with energy to do so. 

This is why you should definitely re-think how you are handling your stress. Some relaxation techniques could help you, but addressing the root cause of your stress could work even better. 

How to Boost Intimacy?

If you want to boost intimacy, then you need to fix intimacy issues. This is something that can be achieved by analyzing the previously mentioned issues. Then you could start enjoying a better intimate time with your partner. 

Use New Technologies

By using new technologies you make sure that you have the necessary tools to enjoy intimacy, even when you are far from home. If you are separated due to work reasons, then using your smartphone to send and receive dirty images from your partner could be a good thing to do. Although this is not strictly necessary, you should think of it as a possible solution to your lack of intimacy. 

Reserve Time for your Partner

If you are working long days and doing extra hours, then you should think about reserving some time for your partner. This would solve many of the intimacy issues you have. But this comes at the expense of working less. Try analysing whether the extra hours you are doing are strictly necessary. Think of whether you are giving quality time to the person that is next to you. If you consider that there are some misunderstandings, then talk to your partner. 

Reduce Stress

Finally, eliminating stress from your life could be one of the best things to improve intimacy. Although this is easy to say, it is difficult to do. This is why you should understand what is creating stressful situations in your relationship and address them immediately. You might be able to solve many of your intimacy issues in your relationship.

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