Hottest Words to Say During Sex

These are the hottest words to say during sex

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The hottest words to say during sex could change from one couple to another. But there are sometimes some generic phrases that everyone would love to hear. This is why they are the hottest words to say during sex. 

According to the sex expert Emily Morse, there are specific words and phrases that can work wonders while having sex. Although there are no secrets or magic words, there are some phrases that would definitely change the way your partner feels sex. 

In this post, we share with you which are the hottest words to say during sex. We are sure you would love to hear them. At the same time, these words could definitely help the way in which your partner feels during sex. Are you ready? 

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Hottest Words to Say During Sex

As Dr. Emily Morse says, simple phrases during sex could not only improve your skills but also the way in which you enjoy sex. At the same time, there is a very important thing when it comes to saying dirty words when having sex. Communication between couples is very important and key to have a more pleasant life, not only in bed but also in many other aspects of life. 

The expert says that one of the hottest things to say during sex is whether they like that. “Do you like this?” This phrase has certainly an amazing effect on your relationship and how you enjoy your private time. Although you believe what your partner needs, there might be some cases where they need something different. You can always improve with this. 

As the expert says, with this question, you are informing that what you do is pleasurable. However, there is also a possibility for the other person to tell that there are some things that could be done better or in a different way. This is why this could be one of the hottest words to say during sex. 

“Some of us expect our partners to intuitively KNOW our sexual wants, but that’s rarely possible,” said Emily Morse. “Checking in during sex and letting your partner know when they’re doing something right leads to more pleasure, a deeper connection and better communication in other areas of your life. It’s the key to sexual success.”

Her Followers Know That

The expert has already attracted the attention of her Instagram. On her account, she has shared information about how to get clear information from your partner during sex. One of these phrases was the one that we shared before: “do you like this?”

Her Instagram post has gathered more than 12.2k likes and it has reached an audience of over 300k followers. That’s definitely amazing. When we go to the comments and we see what people have written, we see that many of them agree that communication is key and when their partners show that what they do feels good. 

It is also worth mentioning that not everyone is expected to feel the same way with this phrase. Some other individuals would rather prefer to receive other words. This is why it is important to always communicate and talk to our partners. 

They know what they like and they might also not know what we like. Sharing our experiences and words that turn us on could be one of the best ways to get the best pleasure during sex. But let’s not focus only on that. There are many other things that would improve our sex experience that might not be related to phrases. 

Understanding not only our needs but also the needs of our partners is key to having a better sexual life. The more we talk and know our partners, the easier it would be to have a better relationship with them. If you do not know the other person, then saying this phrase could also be a great way to start communicating with the other person and knowing them better.

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