These Are the Hottest Words Men Love to Hear During Sex

We share with you which are the hottest words men love to hear during sex

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We know sex is one of the most pleasant things in the world. When women know the hottest words men like, then things get much better. The same we can say about men doing things women like. This is why we are now sharing with you which are the hottest words men love to hear during sex.

Of course, this does not mean that all men should like these words. Indeed, some of them may not. But they would certainly give you an idea of how to please them more when they have sex. Let’s get into the post and share some of these words you can put into practice today. 

Hottest Words Men Love to Hear During Sex

One of the things you should take into consideration when making love with a man is confidence. Man love to hear things that would boost their confidence while making love. There are many phrases that you can use in order to increase his confidence. You know him better than anybody else, this is why you should talk to him and make him feel confident. 

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According to a recent survey conducted by The Star, the phrase “please don’t stop” was selected 44% of the times. That means there is something in this phrase that turn men on. You can start using it and see the effect that this phrase has on your man. 

The next phrase that you can try saying to your man is “That feels good.” This phrase was selected 26% of the times. We are sure men love to hear that they are good at what they do. This does not matter if this is at work or during sex, they want to always be the best. 

The third most voted phrase seems to be more for engaged couples and those that love romantic sex. “I love you” was selected 13% of the times. This shows that although there is a number of men that like to hear dirty stuff, others prefer deep feelings. Do you already know which type of man is your boyfriend or husband?

Hottest Words Girls Like to Hear

Interestingly, the report goes through what some girls like to hear while having sex. If you thought that this guide was only for men, then you were wrong. Now, your partner will have the possibility to tell you some dirty things as well. 

It seems that girls love to hear how good they are. Indeed, the phrase “good girl,” seems to be turning on women in bed. The report goes through a recent Reddit post in which girls shared which are the hottest words they can receive. 

One of the comments said: “I also like hearing good girl. It’s so sexy. Gets me going like no other.” Furthermore, another girl commented: “A well time ‘good girl’ can destroy me.” 

Hottest Words Porn

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