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5 Tips on How to Flirt & Sext on Snapchat

The different features offered by Snapchat make of it a great platform to perform sexting activities and share new experiences with a crush or friends...

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Do you want to know what sext on Snapchat is? You are in the right place.

Snapchat has been growing over the last years as an application used by a large number of individuals to send and receive images, videos and content. This is one of the reasons why it also became very popular among individuals that want to flirt and improve sexting from traditional messaging platforms.

Want to sext on Snapchat? You’re in the right place!

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The different features offered by Snapchat make of it a great platform to perform sexting activities and share new experiences with a crush or friends. However, this also includes responsibilities and taking care of your own profile. This is why we will share with you some tips on how to flirt and sext on Snapchat.

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Tip 1 – Try Getting A Great Picture

This is one of the most important things to do when sexting on Snapchat. Many users consider that with the filters available in the platform it would not be necessary to take better pictures. However, it is always important to make an effort and search a more original picture rather than a simple selfie.

Try new positions: find your best sexy pose in bed, put on high heels, try hot lingerie and search for new places in your home. Everything that can turn on your crush will be awesome. You can always ask your partner, colleague or friend what he or she wants before starting the game.

Find a good light and your best angles – you can try doing it in front of a mirror – take out your shame and take a hot selfie! You will be surprised about the great effect this will have, not only on you, but also on your Snapchat friend ;). Take several of them and select the best.

Tip 2 – Try Out New Filters, Emoticons and Features

This could be a great option to change a lot without necessarily taking more pictures. Search and try new filters – which before you didn’t use. Snapchat offers many of them, that can make your skin look beautiful or just hide some hot parts of your body and leave others uncovered.

You must know what your friend likes and how to exploit his / her desires. This is going to be a great plus for you. The more you know the other person, the more personalized experience you will have. Your followers would definitely want to come back to you again.

The puppy filter is very popular, which can also be super sexy. Snapchat lets you add many filters that can make you look just gorgeous and sometimes change your tired face for a shining and healthy-looking skin.

Emojis are a good option if you are sexting with someone new. It is a nice way to start flirting using them. This allows you to know if your crush is into this or not. Use a pitch, an eggplant, fire, a taco, a smiling devil, or many others.

This can express more than simple words and allow your friend to know better what you have in your mind.

Tip 3 – Always Feel Comfortable

If you are already sexting, you need to know that it is always great to start flirting before going to the actual pictures and videos. Start writing a DM with a special friend of yours, start a conversation when you have some time and take it to the next levels over time.

This would certainly help you to use all the tools provided by Snapchat. Indeed, you will allow your friend’s imagination to fly much faster.

Once you have done that, move forward with some pictures. In the beginning, just don’t show much. However, it would be great to increase your exposure over time, as long as you want to do so. You can send some nice selfies, every single time with new details, like if you were telling a story.

Ultimately, you and your friend will want to move forward to sending and receiving videos. In the same way, you have done with the images, try using filters, add special effects and move from your comfort zone, you will see there are great things to discover about yourself and your surroundings.

Tip 4 – Keep Some Secrets for your VIP Friends

If you have several followers and/or friends, the best thing you can do is to be more exclusive. Share with your friends some images and keep it there until they don’t send you more snaps. This is a great way of having a two-sided conversation rather than a monologue. Of course, in many cases, communication doesn’t need to be two-sided.

Understand which are your best contacts and send them some videos and pictures that you would not send to others. You should always let them know that you are considering them VIP followers. This would increase your engagement with them – they would not want to stop writing to you and losing the “VIP” status.

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Meanwhile, let your other contacts know that there is a possibility for them to get to know you better. They would be glad to start engaging with you more and discovering which are the possibilities Snapchat provides to them.

Tip 5- Try Using Videos

You can start recording a video by pressing the circular button in the home screen. With these videos, you will certainly attract more views. Videos tell much more than just a simple message or picture, this is why you want to use them with care and trying not to make of them the only tool you have.

These videos would certainly help you to have a more engaged audience. Your friends would love to see a combination of images and videos. Compared to images, videos can have audio and show your surroundings, which could be great for showing your voice to the lucky followers you have.

As mentioned before, remember to always share them with the correct friends rather than sending these videos to everyone. Furthermore, mixing them with images and text would certainly increase your success


In this guide, we have shared with you some times in order for you to feel better about sexting on Snapchat. Take into account there are no rules in this world and that you must feel free and comfortable with what you do. Snapchat is a great tool that would help you improve your sexting and

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