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Could Snapchat Take Users from OnlyFans?

After the issues faced by OnlyFans, some users could migrate to Snapchat

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As we already know, OnlyFans announced that they were planning to ban explicit videos and content from their platform. Starting in October, users would not be able to share explicit content using OnlyFans. Due to this reason, the question that we now have is whether Snapchat can take users from OnlyFans.

To be clear, OnlyFans has then informed that they were reversing the porn ban. OnlyFans is known as one of the most exclusive sites to share adult content. Models from all over the world are using OnlyFans to share unique and exclusive content to fans and followers that pay a monthly subscription fee to get access to it.

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Could Snapchat Take Users from OnlyFans?

As we mentioned before, in mid-August, OnlyFans announced that due to pressure from payment gateways, they decided to ban explicit content and porn videos from its site. That means that models and users sharing explicit content would not be able to do that starting from October.

A week later, the company located in the United Kingdom informed that they were reversing the ban on porn. The reason behind this decision was related to the negative comments received from users and clients. The truth is that OnlyFans became a large source of income for people all over the world. This became especially clear during the COVID-19 crisis pushed by lockdowns.

And now we need to understand whether Snapchat could take users from OnlyFans. That’s a fair question that we will try answering in the next section.

Snapchat Could Attract Users from OnlyFans

As we know, Snapchat has a large community of models that share adult content on a daily basis. The way in which it works is as follows: they have a VIP Snapchat account that only users that paid a fee can get access to it.

In this way, they do not have to rely on the services offered by OnlyFans, which could experience new problems in the future. Indeed, users in OnlyFans might experience new problems in terms of which type fo content they could publish. Additionally, some of them might not withdraw their funds using some of the payment methods available.

This is why Snapchat could now become a larger and stronger competitor for OnlyFans. Let’s not forget that Snapchat has a very easy-to-use interface and there is no need to share private information to open an account.

Moreover, you could also have closer contact with the models working in Snapchat and you could even chat with them. That’s definitely something that many users would like to experience. This shows how important it is to have a free platform that makes it possible for users and models to get on well.

How to Keep?

With this uncertainty for users in OnlyFans, the main question now is to understand how they would be able to get better access to their favourite models and content knowing that it might be possible for them to be banned.

Many users are already moving to Snapchat. Although not definitive, they would like to have also some followers on Snapchat in case OnlyFans shuts down its services for some of the content creators. Models must be sure that they would be able to continue sharing their content, and Snapchat is one of the best options currently available.

Snapchat might not be the replacement for OnlyFans in the short term. However, it can help models know that they have a place to go in case that OnlyFans shuts down or imposes a ban. Additionally, they could already start creating some content for Snapchat followers to start attracting new users and be ready to migrate to this platform.

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