Best TikTok Features You Should Use

Best TikTok Features You Should Use

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The best TikTok features are sometimes not easy to spot. We need to know that they are very useful to interact with other content. This is why we should focus on how to use them and why they are important. 

TikTok is one of the latest applications to attract not thousands but millions of users from all over the world. This app is now very popular among young generations and it continues to onboard new users. 

Let’s get into the article and how to use the most notable features of TikTok. 

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a video sharing application that became very popular among younger generations. Users can share their content which is usually videos with music and filters. Users usually dance with different songs proposed by the application and can share their reactions to the videos. 

At the same time, users can also enjoy a timeline full of content that is uploaded on a daily basis by the people users follow. Reacting and getting involved with the content of these applications is definitely important for you to get the best suggestions. 

Best TikTok Features

As you can see, we have already talked about some TikTok features in the previous paragraphs: videos, music, timeline, reactions. But how do they all work? Don’t worry, we tell you this and more in the next sections.


If you are new to TikTok, you definitely want to discover new things, videos and music. This is where you will see what is going on on TikTok. That means that you will see the videos that have been uploaded with trending hashtags. 

These are usually the latest trends and videos that are uploaded by different users. At the same time, you can also search different terms that would direct you to new videos and content. If you upload a video that becomes trending and gets a lot of positive reactions, then you could be featured in the Discover section. 

There are other ways to discover videos and content that we will share with you in the next paragraphs. 

Creating and Consuming Content

Without content creation and consumption, no app would have value. This is not only a characteristic of TikTok but a feature of other applications such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

You create content that will then be shown to users and you consume content that has been created by other accounts. By using the different functionalities offered by TikTok you can create very inspiring and funny videos. 

You can simply film yourself doing what everyone does on TikTok and adding a hashtag. You could eventually get featured in the discovery section. If you prefer to use TikTok but not filming videos, then you can simply enjoy the content shared by others. It is full of great content out there. 

Searching Videos by Sound

One of the best TikTok features is related to finding TikTok videos by sound. You can see and hear more videos with a specific song. This can be done by simply watching a video with the song you want to explore. 

Then you need to tap on the spinning record that you can find on every single video (check on the right side of the screen). Finally, you can then tap on the scrolling sound link at the bottom. In this way, you can get the best content with the song you like or that you want to explore. 

Searching Videos by Effects

If you liked the previous TikTok feature, then we are sure you will also love this one. Rather than searching videos by song, you can also do it by effect. Videos tend to have different effects, and some of them are simply amazing. If you want to enjoy more similar content, then there is a way to do so. 

You should find a video with the effect you like. Then you should tap on the effect’s name. This would help you get an idea of the type of effect used by the creator. The name can be found above the video creator’s handle.

Once you have done that, you will see that it will pop up a new page with the effects that you can add to your favourites. This would allow you to easily find videos that have similar effects. In this way, you can see all the trending videos that use this type of content. 

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