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Best Snapchat Emojis

These are the best Snapchat emojis you can use :)

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Snapchat allows us to add emojis to our chats and conversations with other people. But which are the best Snapchat emojis? 

Using Snapchat emojis is very useful. They help us add some funny comments and make our chats happier. When we write a comment, the other person cannot see our faces, so using emojis is really useful. 

In this guide, we tell you which are the best Snapchat emojis you can use to make your chats friendlier. 

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What are Emojis?

Emojis are icons that represent symbols, emotions and objects. They are very useful for users that chat and want to share more details about their faces and emotions. It is easy to write a phrase, but it could have one meaning for you and another meaning for another person. 

When we chat, we can only see and read text. But using emojis makes it possible for the other person to get a better idea of what you are saying and understanding your emotions. Adding a smiley face at the end of a phrase could change the meaning of your text. 

If you add a sad face, then it means another thing. This is why Emojis are very useful. Depending on what you want to transmit you would use one or another. 

What are Good Emojis for Snapchat?

There are different emojis to use. Indeed, hundreds. So, it becomes difficult to know which are the best Snapchat emojis. However, good emojis to use are usually the fire (🔥), the smiley face (😊) and the cherries (🍒) emojis. 

Everything will depend on the situation in which you are and the information you want to share with other people. It is always good to have different emojis ready to use when we are sad, when we want to share a happy moment or when we are laughing. What’s better than that? 

The other person will know how you feel, or at least, they would get more information about your emotions and how you feel about the conversation you are having. 

What Does 😎 😊 Mean on Snapchat?

These emojis appear in a conversation that you have with a person on Snapchat. These emojis mean that this person is your best friend and that you have a mutual best friend together. This is a functionality that has been added by Snapchat to engage people to remain communicated and to chat on a regular basis. 

Thus, the whole conversation would look different if you know there is a special connection with the other person. Of course, in the chat section then you can write and add other emojis as well. If you go to settings and select the custom emojis options, you will get all the meanings of the emojis Snapchat shows. 

What Does the 3 🔥 Mean on Snapchat?

Now, one of the main questions we have from people is what does the 3 🔥 mean on Snapchat? These emojis might appear next to a friend’s name on Snapchat. However, they have a special meaning for you and the other person. 

These three emojis together mean that you have chatted or snapped at each other every single day. The number of flames is related to the number of days you have been doing so. This is very useful to understand which is the connection that you have with the other person without necessarily opening the chat. 

There are many other emojis that would appear in your chat, but as mentioned before, if you go to settings and select the custom emojis options, you will get all the meanings of the emojis Snapchat shows.

Best Snapchat Emojis

Now we need to know which are the best Snapchat emojis. This would depend on the relationship that you have with the other person. For example, with a best friend you can always use these two emojis: 😎 😊 . In this way, they would know you are engaged in their conversation and happy to be their friends. 

When you want to show warm feelings, you can use two hearts 💕. This is also related to love, romance and feelings. You can always add them when you are chatting with a person you have feelings for or that you want them to know there is a special connection. 

There are many other emojis you can use. It is up to you to decide which are your best Snapchat emojis.

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