Top 8 Best Sex Tips

We will let you know the top 8 best sex tips you should know

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We all want to know which are the best sex tips for both men and women. However, this is not an easy task to do. This is why at SnapUsers we have created the best top 8 best sex tips list that would allow you to improve your sexual life. 

Tip 1 – Better Start Using Legit Sex Toys

There is a huge difference between legit and fake sex toys. If you love to play with sex toys, then there is a huge difference between high-quality sex toys and cheap or similar products. 

Indeed, you will find that the most expensive and original toys work better. Moreover, they are built with better materials. It is sometimes better to buy a better quality product rather than many low-quality toys. You will have a lot of pleasure with the original products. This is our top 1 best sex tips. 

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Tip 2 – Don’t Go Directly to the Point

You can also wait sometime before you start playing with your partner. You definitely don’t want to go directly to the point. This can help you increase your libido and give the best at the time of being with your partner. 

In this way, you give time to yourself before you start making love. You can try different games, chat with your partner or even use toys. The whole process will be very hot and you would love to do it a second time. 

Tip 3 – Try Watching Porn

Did you know that lots of couples are watching porn before or during their sexual games? This can be a great way to better know your partner, learn new things and also get ready to enjoy. Although this shouldn’t replace your sexual activities with your partner, it can really help. 

Some people love to make love and watch porn at the same time. What can be better than that? At least you can try and check it out. Isn’t it one of the best sex tips?

Tip 4 – Play With Your Whole Body

Remember that your body will be giving you pleasure as a whole. Don’t leave parts outside of the game. Try caressing your partner in different areas. Several erogenous zones are where we don’t even think they could be. 

The whole body will be connected to us. Why not try caressing the nipples? Perhaps licking the neck or the belly? Everything will depend on what your partner likes and how he or she likes it. The possibilities are endless here. 

Tip 5 – Remote Control Vibrators

If you are not into toys, you can still try some remote control vibratos. They are definitely some of the best toys you can try with your partner. You can handle it with remote control and make your partner feel the best pleasure without being even next to her. 

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You can use it during the sexual time you have with your partner or before. Moreover, you can start a romantic dinner with this toy and end up in bed with her some hours later. What do you think? Is it among the best sex tips?

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Tip 6 – Did you try Handjobs?

Although this could seem a basic and sometimes not so sexy way of playing with your partner, it is certainly undervalued. You will realize the positive effects this could have in your sexual life. You can do it to yourself or just make your husband enjoy some good time. 

There are different things you can try that would definitely turn you and your partner on. Handjobs could be just the beginning of something even better. Let yourself go with what you feel would be great. This is just one of the best sex tips you can find. 

Tip 7 – Try Costumes and Outfits

You would not believe it, but wearing different clothes and outfits would turn your partner on. Of course, you should chat with him/her and know what they think about it. But sometimes it could definitely be a good idea to directly surprise them in bed. 

Think about what the other person could like. What about a hot nurse ready to do dirty things? Or perhaps a police officer that is going to take the situation under control? You can check our guide about the top 5 hottest things to wear in bed (during sex)

Tip 8 – Start in The Shower

One of the things you can try is doing it with your couple under the shower. This could be one of the best things to do. You can do it there or just try different games. We are sure your partner will love to see you want to continue playing with him/her. There are many other best sex tips that you could try. It just depends on your imagination.

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