Best Car Sex Positions

We do have a list of the best car sex positions you should always know

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If you want to add some spicy things to your sex, then you should try these car sex positions. If you want to have some fun with your partner, then you should definitely want to try these new positions in your car. 

Those that are bored of having the same sex all the time could add these spicy car sex positions to their daily life. You could head out to your car and start trying them out. You do not know when you could have the chance of having an adventure in the back seat of your car. Better is to be ready. 

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Best Car Sex Positions

Adjust your belt and get ready to know which are the hottest car sex positions you should know. Not all of them are the same and some of them would help you get a nice night with your partner. You do not know when you will need these skills and how to use them. This is why it is always good to be ready for any situation that could be presented to you.

ChoosemyCar has been working with Fiona Cain, a recognized sex expert, in order to understand which are the best car sex positions you could try in your car. Additionally, these sex positions would help you avoid injuries or slips. Although you can do many others, we share with you just some of them. 

Rear Sat Fun

This is one of the favourite car sex positions people have tried. In this case, the sex expert explains that the person should lean against the door and the other person should go on the news for some extra pleasure. 

This is a great position to try. It is possible to do it by different genders and in many different ways. It could include toys, a hand or even your tongue. It is up to you how you use it and which is the position you like the most. 

Reverse Cargirl/Boy

If you thought that this position was only available to do in traditional beds and situations, then you were wrong. This is a spin on the classic reverse Cowgirl/boy. Your partner should be sitting upright and climb on top. You should also recline the seat as much as possible. 

However, it is up to you to decide which is the reclination you want or the speed you use. It is always good to have this position ready to be implemented in the car. 

Honky Hand Play Sex Positions for Car

This is not the end. There are many other car sex positions we want to share with you so you can get ready to try them all. You can start with some mutual masturbation. This would give you some nice time with your partner and also enjoy the best car sex positions. Remember to always make sure your engine is turned off. 

Doggy Style

You can also do the popular doggy style position in the car. As cars are usually not so large, it is also possible to do the doggy style position on the back seat. This gives G spot stimulation and one of the best ways to enjoy your car. 

Your partner would love to see that you know how to handle this situation and that you have clear knowledge of what you ar doing. 

Saucy Spoon

The saucy spoon is also going to help you get a very nice time with your partner. You can reach climax thanks to the door that you can use to push and get the best stimulation to your G/P spot. You would find this position very similar to the backseat doggy. 

Make Sure You Are Safe

Remember that you should always avoid accidents and getting stains on the furniture of your car. You want to make sure you bring with you a blanket that would help you protect yourself if there is a cold night, and also avoid curious people. 

You should also carry with you some wipes to make sure you clean the whole place. It would definitely be very useful to have them close to you at any moment.

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